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Kilted Kings

Become the Hero of an Epic adventure of powerful Celtic World music. Sing. Dance. Smile. Because we wear kilts, and You are royalty!

Kilted Kings are Marc Gunn on autoharp and vocals and Randy Wothke on percussion and background vocals.

We met 15 years ago at the Texas Renaissance Festival. Randy was playing drums with the bagpipes and drums quartet, The Rogues. I was playing autoharp and singing with the Celtic Renaissance duo, Brobdingnagian Bards. Fifteen years later...

In 2015, we launched Kilted Kings at the Paradox Pub at the Louisiana Renaissance Festival. Something amazing happens when musicians click together. You can see it on the smiles of people in the audience. You can hear it in their voices. You can feel it your own feet. That's what happened with us. 

The first time we finished playing "Name On My Soul" at the end of our show, a fair maiden came up to the stage, with cash in hand, asking if the song was on a CD. It wasn't. Yet through the rest of the faire, pirates and fairies, lords and ladies, and even those in mundane clothing asked if we had a CD.

That's why we recorded a CD. Thank you for supporting our music!

Marc Gunn and Randy Wothke

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Name On My Soul by Kilted Kings

New CD: Name On My Soul

Become the Hero of an Epic adventure of powerful, lilting Celtic World music. Sing. Dance. Smile. Because we wear kilts, and You are royalty!


  1. Sláinte Mhaith
  2. Purple Flower
  3. Blue Sun
  4. Wild Mountain Thyme
  5. Marionette Jig / Spinner's Reel
  6. Ride On
  7. Prettiest Hobbit
  8. Cloghden More
  9. Flower of Scotland
  10. Name On My Soul

Name On My Soul is now on sale. Buy on iTunes to help us top the charts. You can get it on CD Baby too.

You can also get our limited-edition t-shirt and digital download here.

Listen to the album on Spotify and YouTube.

Listen to our debut album on YouTube



Who Are Kilted Kings?

Marc Gunn is geek musician backed by Celtic tradition. He plays rhythm & folk music on the autoharp, fusing t raditional Irish and Scottish songs with a comedic twist. He has released over 20 solo albums since 2004. His love of science fiction conventions, Renaissance festivals, fantasy, comedy, dragons, and cats shows in his music. Download free music on his website!

Randy Wothke plays percussion for The Rogues, the award-winning bagpipes and drums band. Find out more at


Kilted Kings

Upcoming Shows


March 17
The Hangout @ 11-2 pm
Gulf Shores, Alabama


October 13-14 & 20-21
Mid-South Renaissance Faire


October 7-8
Indiana Renaissance Faire
12880 E 146th St
Noblesville, IN 46060

November 4-5
Louisiana Renaissance Festival
Hammond, LA

November 24-26
Louisiana Renaissance Festival
Hammond, LA



Weekends, November 5 - December 11
Louisiana Renaissance Festival - Hammond, LA
9:45 AM to Dusk (rain or shine)

Nov 5, 6  | 12, 13 | 19, 20
at Painted Badger Pub
11:15 am, 1:30 pm, 3:00 pm

Nov 25 - 27 | Dec 3, 4 | 10, 11
at Paradox Pub
11:15 am, 1:30 pm, 3:30 pm

Saturday, November 12, 2016
Pirate Benefit Concert for RLHC
Concert Window @ 7:30pm


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